Conference Material

As the owner of a leading London based company, which specialises in manufacturing novelties and gift items, you need to host conferences on a regular basis to provide updates your clients about your latest products. Such meetings, apart from keeping your clients informed about your upcoming releases, also provide you with an option to get together with them and increase the bond of camaraderie. You should begin by selecting the conference venue. This should not pose any problem as many London based hotels offer conference room facilities. However, you also have to print brochures containing pictures of your products as well as details about them. Remember, these brochures represent your company and its products. Therefore, you should always ensure that you get them printed by one of the best printing companies london.

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Name badges etc.

Brochures apart, you also need name badges printed for the attendees to the conference. You can hand over this job to the printer as well. Simply provide them with photographs of the attendees along with their names, and the printer will print them on visiting card shaped pieces of board with the help of digital printers. They will then cut and laminate the individual lanyards, put them in badge holders, apply a badge clip, and attach cords on them as well, allowing the attendees to either attach them on their pocket or hang them on their neck. You also need copies of invitation letters, containing the date of the conference as well as details of the venue. Hand over a draft copy of the invitation letter to the printing company's personnel and they will compose it beautifully and provide you with as many copies of the letters as you need. Quite a few of them have tie ups with bulk mailing companies. Therefore, you can depend on them to post the invitations too. However, you will have to supply them with the address of the invitees for this purpose.

Provide reading material to your clients

You will also have to provide reading materials to your attendees containing in depth information about your upcoming products together with their details, which can include their wholesale price and shipping costs, if any. This permits them to know exactly how much each unit costs. You can depend on the printer whom you have chosen for this task too. It is best to take quotes from several printing companies London, and hand over the job to the one that offers you the best quality services at pocket friendly prices.